Help with shipping to Brazil?
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I need to ship a package from the US to Brazil about once a quarter. I want a way that will guarantee it arrives. The package is not especially large (up to shoe-box size), heavy, delicate or cumbersome, and there is no time requirement. Anyone with experience shipping to Brazil?

I have used the USPS in the past, but there have been times when the package was just never delivered (The USPS guarantees delivery only within the US).

So, thinking perhaps DHL, UPS or FedEx, but not sure which is the best for personal packages between the US and Brazil.
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I can't speak for DHL, or specifically shipping to Brazil. However, just speaking of general international shipping, I've had much better luck with FedEx than I have UPS. Their economy shipping is usually on par with UPS in regards to price, and their tracking is muchmuchmuch better than UPS.

And I think for their expedited services, USPS actually contracts out FedEx to take care of international shipments.
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Try to figure out which service, UPS or FedEx is most popular in Brazil. Because the reason for that popularity is probably going to have "our stuff arrives" as a factor.

Otherwise, try to find out which has the better relationship with Brazil Customs. But I don't know how you would investigate that.
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Best answer: I used to work in a shipping place. I don't know specifically about Brazil, but DHL is the long-established international carrier, and was often times able to get stuff through customs faster than Fedex. We NEVER had a problem with DHL, even to obscure countries.
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Best answer: Oh one more thing. It's always helpful to call the carrier's 800 number to find out whether they will deliver directly to the door at that location. In some areas, recipients have to pick it up at the local office with photo id.
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Best answer: I recently did a bunch of shipping to a central american country. The trick, in that case, was to use a shipping service designed for expats. Basically, I mailed stuff to an address in Florida, and they containered it, and shipped it to my destination country, and then dealt with customs there. I had a local person authorized to pick it up. Shipments were timely and cost-effective, and they had specific advice on how to list things to minimize customs charges.

I suggest you Google around for similar services, or use DHL.
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In my experience receiving packages shipped from the U.S., I have only once or twice had to pay duties on packages shipped USPS. With FedEx it is every dang time. I think I've only received documents DHL, so I don't know about that.
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I ship a lot of things abroad, including to Brazil. DHL is better than FedEx.
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