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My partner has an odd circumsion scar, what can we do to minimize irritation?

So, this is awkward and since I haven't seen all that many naked men, I hope that this question makes some kind of sense. My boyfriend has a kind of knot of scar tissue just a little bit below the glans. It looks like maybe the circumsion left a little too much tissue.

As he get erect, most of it stretches out and looks normal, but that little knot sometimes has to be stretched out, massaged a bit to be comfortable. A while back, a little bit of it tore and it is having a hard time healing, there is a little hole there. :(

He is in his early 30's, circumsised as a newborn, and its always been there, but this is the first time its really been an issue, probably because we have lots of awesome sex. Using a ton of lube works ok, though we don't like it very much, the only thing that really helps is leaving it alone for days at a time, which is really not ideal.

So the questions: Has anyone else seen this? How have you coped with it? Is surgery that can nip that little bit and release the skin a bit more a good idea?
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Never seen or heard of this before but I think I can visualize what you're talking about. I don't know what's possible in regards to surgery, but that'd be my first thought and I'd consult a doctor about it posthaste.

Life's too short to be worrying about something that sounds like it could very well be fixable. :)
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A urologist or (perhaps) general surgeon can revise the scar so it is not so problematic; we do that all the time where I work, although typically on kids. It is usually day surgery and will require some but not too much recovery time. A clever surgeon can word the diagnosis so that it will be covered by most insurance; i.e. emphasizing the pain and bleeding over the cosmetic aspects of the problem.
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I can only speak to the "Has anyone else seen this" aspect of your question, and that answer is yes.

I have what amount to two scars there. I presume that's what it's from, but since it hasn't caused me difficulty I've never looked into getting anything adjusted.
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