How do I get Windows Media Player off of my system?
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I'd like to permanently eradicate Windows Media Player from my system. Is this even possible?

I'm running Windows XP SP 1.
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have you gone to add/remove programs and clicked on the thing about adding/removing windows components? on win2k, at least, that appears to let you remove it.
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yeah theres a sorta separate thingy to click on in add/remove programs about windows components. then you go into details and you can uncheck it.
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Ha. Go into /Program Files/Windows Media Player and try deleting mplayer.exe. It will magically reappear. Even overwriting it with another, better file doesn't seem to work.
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If you're willing to throw some money at the problem, you could check out XPLite (shareware, but the free version offers very limited options). Years ago, I used those folks' 98Lite to make an extremely stripped-down Windows install, and was quite happy with it.
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