Help me find a good and affordable VHS to DVD machine?
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I'm looking to purchase a good, affordable machine that will transfer my VHS tapes to DVD. In your opinion, what is the best, most inexpensive model out there? I know that "best" and "cheap" are rarely compatible but I'm asking it anyways!

My parents have a ton of old VHS tapes from when I was a kid and I would hate to lose these. Some of them are already starting to go bad so I really need to get off my butt and get these transferred over.

After that, I would like to see if I could earn a few extra $$ by offering this service to others.

Thoughts and advice appreciated!
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I used my old VHS player and one of these video capture devices from Elgato to go from VHS to digital. I stopped at that point (because I wanted it on my computer more than on a DVD), but you could burn DVDs just as easily.
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I got some great advice when I asked a similar question
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