Looking for a little stereo system for baby's room
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I'm looking for a music playing device for the baby's room. I'd like a small (semi) portable unit with built-in speakers that can play radio and a CD, and sounds decent. Bonus criteria: remote control; a noise making feature (sounds of the ocean or whatnot); iPod or auxiliary line in playback; SD card playback.

I went looking at players on Amazon (because I have no idea where else to look), and it seems I'm stuck in the 1990s. I don't know the terminology to even begin searching for products and reviews. I mention (semi) portable because I'd like something that is small and self-contained, and it would be nice if could serve as auxiliary speakers for my iPod and my wife's Creative player and our smarty phones, but I really want something I can plug in and doesn't need to run off of batteries.

I came across a portable AM FM Radio USB Port MP3 CD Player Boombox Stereo, and was dazzled by the possibilities, but the number of 1 star ratings make me very skeptical of this model.

I don't want something that can get loud, but a nice little thing to put in the baby's room. I'd like it to play CDs because we have plenty, and I have an iPod, but I realize that SD-card playback could make both features redundant (I just saw a portable speaker with SD card slot, but it doesn't have any reviews regarding the SD playback).

A remote control and sleepy sound playing would be nice features, but not critical.
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Ipod + speakers. Our kids love it, and you can set the ipod's max voloum level if you wish. Plus plenty of timed sleepy time sounds apps
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Yes if you can afford to use the ipod + speakers, do so. Continuous play/custom playlists/shuffle is so worth it.
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We really, really love our Tivoli iPal. We've had one for a good four years now, and use it daily.

The sound quality is really very good for what it is. We even take it on vacation with us, and use it in the backyard too. And now that you mention it, our kid could probably use one in her room when it's time, for her phone or whatever she's going to use to hold music (my old Nano, I guess). It's portable, and runs on batteries or plugged in when indoors. The battery holds a charge for a few hours. The radio feature is great - it's what we use on vacation to find news without turning on the TV, or interesting local shows - and you could just set it between stations to create white noise. It will also connect to a CD player as an auxiliary speaker, but you might be able to find a longer cable that will just reach from something you already have for use in the kid's room. No remote though, unless you buy a connecting dock (see Add Ons).
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This cheap CD player has served me well thus far. Comes with line to plug in MP3 player (into headphone jack). You could get an ocean sounds CD for cheap.
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Sorry - actually, I see after clicking around more what we have is the black, rubberized Pal - but there's a whole range of Tivoli audio products that you could explore. I see they do have music systems that play CDs, but I have to say though, on a cost-per-use basis, the Pal has been one of our best purchases because it's more flexible (in that I can move it around to the kitchen or use it during a bath or yardwork) than a larger system would be.
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You want the Squeezebox Radio. It can play all Internet radio stations, Logitech themselves offers free streamable relaxation sounds (ocean, rain, etc), you can set alarms, a sleep timer and even manage it remotely from a computer. It doesn't play CDs but if you convert them to MP3s it can stream them from your computer. It also has a line-in jack to connect an iPod or phone. I've had one of their Squeezebox devices for years and it is fantastic - highly recommended.
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Best answer: Most thrift shops will have something (if not several dozen somethings) to fit all your non-bonus criteria needs, including a line-in for your MP3 player.

Unless your baby is an audiophile, you should easily be able to do this for about $10.

Personally, I'd use the 10-year-old laptop that's sitting in my storage area. It actually does everything you want and more.
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Best answer: I put waaaay too much thought into this. I went into a big box store, found a basic, discounted (open-box return) CD player with an auxiliary line-in option, and we've been using that with a lullaby CD someone gave us, costing us less than $30. Our pediatrician told us that it's good to set patterns for nap/sleep times, including music, and I haven't been driven mad by the acoustic, instrumental lullaby CD yet, and it's easy enough to operate with one hand free (and the other holding a slightly wiggly baby).
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