Mint Juleps In Toronto
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Who makes the best mint julep in Toronto? Hell, I'll settle for where can you get mint julep in Toronto?
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You do! Just buy some bourbon (or Tennessee whiskey), powdered sugar, and fresh mint leaves... they do sell all these in Canada, yes?
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Have you tried Southern Accents by Honest Ed's? If they don't make them, I don't who would.
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On King Street, west of Spadina, there is a bar called Tangerine. It used to be called Mint et Menthe, and they obviously made mint juleps. Given that they are still under the same management and have some of the same staff (i think) i wouldn't be surprised if they still make them.

That being said, most of those lounge-y scene-y bars down there will probably make em.
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I second Southern Accents. I've never had a mint julep but if it's got bourbon in it, they make it. They're known for their bourbon sours, which are excellent. I believe they stock more brands of bourbon than any other bar in the city.
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Ok, same question, but for Vancouver, BC.
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