Beautiful study spaces in Toronto?
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Are there any beautiful or inspiring study spaces in downtown Toronto? We're graduate students living in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto looking for somewhere to think and write. We know the cafe scene, Robarts library, and have been to the Pratt library. Are there other interesting and exciting (but still quiet) places to get some work done when we want to get out of the house?
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Thanks. Apologies for missing the earlier question....
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The Metro Reference Library (Yonge, just north of Bloor) has a nice space and free wireless. Tons of deskspace, massive windows -- less crowded than Robarts.

Yorkville Library across the street has a very nice ye olde library feel; there is not much desk space, but it's a nice place for book reading.

in addition to Pratt, you should check out the other UofT libraries. Gerstein (the science library) has a a couple of big, recently renovated reading/study area, as well as a very quiet cafe in the basement. Trinity College library is also very attractive, though it's popular so it can get crowded.

And if you feel like a rebel, you could always work in the Hart house library, where work is strictly forbidden.
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Trinity, Hart House, and University College all have nice libraries, and you could try out the Toronto Public Library branches within walking distance to see if there's one you like. Lillian Smith (College east of Spadina) is a great building but often very busy, though it has quiet places. College/Shaw is no beauty but might be nice to use sometimes. It's close to coffee shops if you want a break.

Speaking of which, the Linux Caffe, at Harbord and Grace, is worth a visit if you haven't been. Usually quiet with people just sitting and working. Take a laptop, set out some papers, have a coffee and organic muffin, and write. Take a walk in the park across the street when you want to stretch your legs.

(And outside of downtown, try the Frost Library on York's Glendon campus, at Bayview and Lawrence. Beautiful view over a rose garden.)
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