Help me find these earrings!
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Where can I find these earrings (or some like them) for my girlfriend's birthday?

My girlfriend bought these earrings on a trip to Venice and then lost one of them on the beach last week. She put the other one on a chain and is wearing it as a necklace. Here is a pic. The earring is about one inch tall in the photo:

Her birthday is next week so I'd like to find a replacement pair. It's probably not realistic to expect that I can find the same exact earrings, so the relevant properties that I would like to replicate are the vaguely 80s but not cheesy or tacky style, the color scheme (or one similarly bold) and the quality of the craftsmanship. I live in NYC, so extra points if I can get them somewhere in the city or have them delivered here within a week. Thanks for any help!
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Searching etsy for triangle earrings (vintage) brings up a bunch of results. Perhaps take a wander and see if anything captures your eye?

I kind of like these, for example. Not the same style, but I think they have that '80s feel.
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Check out the retro earrings at modcloth. There are 4 pages worth, and a lot of them remind me of this style!
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That is an awesome earring. I can see why she likes it. :) The picture looks like it is an enamel earring. So I looked on etsy, too. :)

peacock earrings
monarch earrings
triangle-ish earrings
dandelion earrings
lightning bolt earrings
star earrings - here, too
red, white and blue

Hopefully those will at least help guide you. Good luck!
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I'm not sure how much luck you'll have finding an exact pair sadly.

Idea one, Idea two, Idea three, Idea four, Idea five, Idea six, Idea seven, Idea eight, Idea nine, Idea ten

I'm thinking something geometric and color blocked is what you are looking for - let me know if you need more help. Jewelry searching is a good distraction from real work :)
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I also love the peacock earrings jillithd linked too. Depends on if you want more primary colors or more royal colors.
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One of my links was a double - I left out these by accident.
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You may not be able to get them in a week, but Etsy has several people who may be able to recreate something which looks very similar. I would check out one of the Etsy sellers that were linked above, and contact them. Many Etsy sellers are very flexible about customizing things.
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I went the vintage enamel route - these are all different, but in a similar mood:

one - One pair are extremely similar
three (pricey but gorgeous)
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Here are a few contenders.
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Best answer: These are really close in style! Along with enamel, also try cloisonne as a keyword.
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I disagree that these are "80s" - I think they are more mod. "Enamel" is definitely a keyword to use too.

What is her sense of style? (I.e. what drew her to this necklace, if you have any idea.) Is her style more retro? Geometric? Sporty?

If she likes geometric, these or these might be a hit.

If she likes vintage, maybe these? I found them striking, but really, all they have in common are style.

If it's the colors and simplicity, perhaps these? (clipons, so prob. not ideal, but similar colors) These are lovely as well.

These are not the same, but would go well with that necklace.
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These are pretty and kind of similar!
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Not the same but....

chevron earrings
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! phunniemee's was closest to what I was going for. I ordered them and they're on their way.
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Response by poster: Oops. I meant beyond_pink's.
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