iPad note-taking app that supports video (incl. youtube) clips?
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Is there a note-taking iPad app that clips/embeds and displays video?

I'm currently using Evernote. I have a ton of Youtube videos that I would like to file and refer to in my notes. Is there a way for me to cite these Youtube videos in my notes and view/play them within the app? Do I need to find a new note-taking app?

I also looked at apps like Moodboard and Corkulous but they don't seem to support video notes (?) and I'd prefer a note-taking app that displays an equal balance of text notes and visual notes.
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Best answer: I've looked for this as well, without much success. You could try listing URLs as hyperlinks, which would force you to jump into your browser or the youtube app to actually view them but would at least allow you to organize.
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