More talk, less GRAR please.
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Looking for a talk radio station that won't agitate me to bits, nor put me to sleep. Special snowflake details inside. Would wildly prefer radio as opposed to podcasts, TED talks, etc., as I'm at work, and sometimes I'm in the middle of something and I can't tear myself away to change the podcast, etc.

I work alone, and lately I've been listening to a lot of NPR at work. However, with all the bad news going on, it's left me all agitated and anxious at the end of my workday. So, I'm looking for talk radio stations that I may like better.

Things I don't like: Religion proselytizing, politics (either right or left), news. Any station with a lot of GRAR to it, even if they're talking about rainbows and sunshine.

Things I do like: Science and technology, math, nature, religion as a cultural phenomenon. Cooking and food. Even sports. But not sport talk. (Like, I'd prefer a broadcast of a Seattle Sounders FC soccer match vs. a post-match show analyzing the results). Basically, talk radio with shows exploring interesting and varied topics.

I'm thinking there just *has* to be something out there like this. But the only things I'm finding are NPR, various political talk radio stations (like Rush Limbaugh), sports talk, and religion. NPR is OK, but the news has been getting to me, and their calming, soothing tone just puts me to sleep sometimes. I can stream stations on my work computer, so that's not an issue. English only, please, as that's the only language I know. However, the stations don't have to be US-based. I am in the US, in case there's proxy issues. Thanks.
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BBC Radio 4, available worldwide over the IPlayer.
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ABC Radio National, also available worldwide as a Real or WMV stream.
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KGO in San Francisco is generally intelligent, and in particular you might like Dr. Bill Wattenburg. All of my AM buttons go to KGO.
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You might enjoy the CBC, which streams internationally. However, there is news.
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When I drive home late at night, I always listen to Coast to Coast. Good old crackpot, paranormal, conspiracy radio. What AM talk radio really should be about, or maybe it just feels that way at the end of the night driving home over the dark highway -- but it's entertaining.
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Response by poster: These are all awesome suggestions. Keep em coming! And thanks!
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Response by poster: And perhaps non-US centric news might help the stress levels a bit. I'll check out the CBC site.
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Kim Hill does an interesting show on Saturday mornings on Radio New Zealand. She's a good interviewer.
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BBC World Service is available 24 hours a day with its wild mix of programming. As mentioned by joannemullen, other BBC radio stations are available, though I found the World Service ideal to listen to in a similar situation to yours.
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+1 on Coast to Coast.
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Best answer: Do you remember when there was a special kind of table radio that only blind people could get, and it was set to a station that nobody else could tune in, and they read newspaper articles and New Yorker essays out loud and everything was charmingly nonprofessional? You can listen to that online at American Council for the Blind Radio.
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Best answer: FM107 is a local talk station here in Mpls that does no politics or sports. There is a bunch of celebrity gossip and stuff, but it might be worth a try.

Colleen Kruse is very funny. The morning host, Ian Punnett, also hosts Coast To Coast as a substitute, I believe.
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Response by poster: I'm going to try all of these, thanks. So far, the Blind Radio is great - I'm hearing about the British Amateur Television Association right now!
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Response by poster: OK - I'm listening to FM107 right now.

It's like a fascinating new world where I don't know any of the customs or rituals involved. But, it also doesn't involve bad news, riots, or Jesus, so I'm loving it so far.
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Hey, welcome to Minnesota. Based on the time, I'm guessing you were listening to Lori and Julia. I understand exactly what you mean.
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