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Where could I get a blinking red handheld light the size of a quarter?

My friends are putting together Logan's Run costumes and I need to be a runner! The clothes are easy but I'm blanking on the hardware. Where could I get a blinking red light, independently powered, that could be stuck to the palm of my hand? The light doesn't have to last too long.
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Amazon has lots of blinking red lights for bike and pedestrian safety. Here's one. If you need a way to fix it to your hand, a rubber band around the palm would work with the clip on this light. There are several others, just search for "red bike light".
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My bike light would probably work: Nite Ize
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Extreme Glow.
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there's lots of flashing led's with integrated batteries in them...a reccomendation for adhesion: spirit gum (you can find it at most makeup/theatrical supply/costume shops)...brush it onto both surfaces and allow to dry (~5 minutes). then, with a finger, lightly tap the glue (this makes it microscopically 'thread'...which meshes together for a tighter bond) and then press firmly together.
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Hah! As soon as I saw the portion above the fold, I knew what this would be about. Amazingly enough, I asked exactly this question two years ago for my wife's 30th birthday. I wound up buying the item listed in the best answer on eBay (someone was selling home-made lifeclocks), and it arrived in time, but I wound up not having the time for the (rather complicated) assembly — I would have figured such a thing would have been simple, but oh well. Anyhow, you might have some better luck with some of the other answers.
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Response by poster: Bike shops! I knew there was a simple answer to this. The Amazon mini-LED looks good, too. Thanks all!
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Looks like an LED Throwie might be what you want. Leave off the magnet, and attach it to your palm with some spirit gum. You can find a big flashing red LED here.
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Sylvania Checker light - Not super-bright, but quarter-sized, about 1" across, 3/8" thick. Runs on a watch battery, has magnet or adhesive back but you'd need to augment its stickiness to get it to stay. (spirit gum)
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