How to make a custom map?
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I need a custom map. I do not want to pay for it. It is going to be of the majority of the African continent. How do I do this without wasting several hours of my life, buying Illustrator, or generally not sucking up the place?
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What kind of map do you need? I'm a cartographer. Memail me with details, I can probably help you out.
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Response by poster: @cromagnon, very close to what I'm looking for but hella complex to use. Is there a point-and-click interface where I can just be like, sure, Mauritania, South Africa, and Mongolia and there's my map?

@troika, thanks for the offer, but it's going to be part of a series of things I'll be selling and I would be hella taking advantage of you.
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troika, may I memail you, do you do custom maps if given all the relevant data?
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Idk what you need to use it for exactly, but my sister took a giant poster of the USA and bought a big sheet of paper and traced it out. It turned out REALLY good. Maybe it can work for your case. :D
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Infini: absolutely! Memail/email away.
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What's the Open Street Map coverage look like for the area you're interested in?

In terms of tools, mapping involves a lot of background knowledge (You'll probably end up learning things about the shape of the earth you wish you didn't know), but Quantum GIS and Mapnik are both free tools that have been used to make beautiful maps.
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What kind of map do you need?

Key question.

If it's just a map of country shapes, you could take Wikipedia's SVG map of Africa (free, Creative Commons), import it into Inkscape (free, open source), remove the countries you don't need, change colors, etc. If you need to map something else, it would help to know more specifically what kind of information you want to show on the map.
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Note that the OP will be selling these maps, so some of the CC-licensed things will need careful noting of the terms.
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This is unanswerable without knowing what you want on the map. Cities? Terrain? Rivers? Demographic data? Pictures?
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Same request for more detail, but if you want a gratuitous self-link, I have one: TileMill is a nice way to style your geo-data and export it as PDF or SVG for big-output.
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