Girl encounters beady-eyed aquatic jelly creature, lives to tell the tale
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What is this tiny creature I found attached to my leg after swimming in the Chesapeake Bay?

I should have asked this a year ago when it first happened, but as I'm heading to the same beach in a few weeks, it popped into my head again.

After swimming in the Chesapeake Bay near the mouth of the Pawtuxent River in early July 2010, I found the little creature linked to above attached to my leg. It was very sticky and it was a little difficult to get off of my skin. It was tiny - about the size of the loop at the end of a bobby pin, as you can see in the second picture. I also felt a little itchy where it was attached after I got it off, but that could have been psychosomatic because ohmygoodness look at how weird it is!

So, what is it? I looked at pictures of leech babies and various other aquatic creatures I could have imagined it being (A super tiny baby horseshoe crab? Some kind of tadpole?) but haven't found anything that looks remotely like it.
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It's oddly cute.

My first instinct was "leech!" .. but he's a bit transparent and if he were imitating a vampire I'd expect some inside parts of him to be red. I also don't think leeches have eyes.

He also looks like he has "fins" the way a manta ray might.

Did he move at all? Do you remember if he wiggled or squirmed?
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To me it just looks like some kind of fish larvae. Its insides look like it has defined organs and a backbone, to me. I think there are some more ichthyologically minded folks around her who might be able to give a better answer.
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Maybe a baby hillstream loach, or some other species of suckerbelly?
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Seconding hillstream loach. If you google image it, you can see a resemblance.
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Fish Louse aka Argulus. I had those in my aquarium once.
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Thanks, JujuB. That's absolutely disgusting, and definitely the same thing.

At least it wasn't attached to my eye. I will be keeping my head above water this time around...
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I realize it doesn't help answer your question, but there is no way in hell I am ever going to click your "attached to my eye" link, and just knowing that link goes somewhere is freaking me the fuck out.
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I clicked it, it's okay.
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Absolutely disgusting? Nuh-uh. Small beer.

This right here is the stuff of fishy nightmares.
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I realized right after I posted my comment that I should have specified that the link contains no image (and actually a lot of interesting information). Sorry about that.
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Yup, that's something called sea louse (sea lice). My boyfriend got them after he went swimming in the ocean. He got a pretty gross rash from it.
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Try wearing full-face goggles if you want to stick your head under? That should keep them off your eyes.
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