One day NYC getaway?
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What are some day trip options from New York City via an airplane?

I would like to find a getaway via airplane. Looking for something scenic and non-urban, so Philadelphia or Boston, for example, are not ideal.

I would need to depart and arrive NYC the same day (it would be on a Monday). I would be willing to travel to one of the smaller regional airports (White Plains, Islip, etc.). In fact, avoiding JFK, LaGuardia and Newark is preferable. An outbound airplane ride is required. Return could be airplane or a rental car.
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JetBlue flies from JFK to Burlington, VT or Portland, ME, although looking at the schedules the time on the ground at the destination might be less than you'd like.
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If a car is an option and VT is too far to drive back, why not fly to Providence or Boston and drive out to the Cape or Block Island?
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You want to take Cape Air from White Plains (HPN) to Martha's Vineyard. To the Vineyard, you would leave at 7:40 on flight 1051 arriving at 8:46 and return on flight 1056 leaving at 17:10 arriving back at HPN at 18:20. They also fly to Lebanon NH and Nantucket.

Here is a link to the White Plains airport site that lists commercial carriers and destinations.
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Not sure when you are traveling, but starting November 15th, JetBlue will fly non-stop from HPN to Nassau the Bahamas. I have done this roundtrip (from DC) in a day to go to the beach on a blind date. Long story, but it was a great day.
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Vermont? Ithaca, NY?

Try out Kayak's explore function.
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You can fly to Ithaca out of LGA (and, I *think*, EWR). Flight time less than an hour. Ithaca is pretty, and has swimming holes. And waterfalls.
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List of daily flights to ITH; you can do it out of either Newark or LaGuardia. Lots of small airports have lists like these on their web pages.

The reason I didn't mention Ithaca, despite liking it, is that I was considering a job there once and so I looked around a bit to get an idea of what the fares were like out of ITH. Fares to anywhere except New York (EWR or LGA) and Philadelphia seemed reasonable; fares to EWR, LGA, PHL seemed insanely high. But maybe that's changed.
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Bermuda? Beaches, shopping, sailing, very tidy gardens.
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Jetblue NY to Rochester, where if you rent a car, there are state parks on Lake Ontario, and some interesting drumlins within an hour drive.

It is JFK tho, but leaves @ 7:00 AM and returns at 9:40 PM. Hell, might do it myself!

Chimney bluffs state park.
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