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I have a request from one of my clients to build a web app that's beyond what I've ever done before. Could anyone point me at some solutions or places to bone-up?

I'm a web builder and I'm confident working with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, mySQL. My Flash-Fu, however, is lacking. Never had the need. I've done some light Flash work but nothing like this request.

My client has asked to have something like this built.

I work with CS3 and I can get myself up to speed (I think). My client also doesn't mind waiting for me to get higher on the learning curve.

Any recommendation for places with templates or samples I can buy to get me going? Lessons, tutorials?

I'd appreciate any advice at all so that I can weigh this request against my reality before I tell her it may be beyond my capabilities.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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I believe your client wants a web app that is worse than anything you have done before. Anyway, Essential ActionScript 3 is a good book for the language, and for learning to do art in Flash I liked video tutorials. I used's tutorials.
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I am just finishing up going through the same process. Going from zero to sixty, except with a desktop app. It's fun and exciting, just remember to build in lots and lots of extra time. It took me three tries to get it right. StackOverflow is your friend.
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If you are already comfortable with HTML/CSS, why not look at doing that in something like Jquery UI or YUI rather than starting from scratch with Flash?
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Thanks for the advice so far. I'll look into your suggestions. At a loss as to what direction to start in. Any ideas will be helpful.
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You can build all of that without flash. Start with learning HTML5 and Javascript.
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One search term is Rich Internet Application, although you will get a lot of Flash/AIR junk along with that.

Do you already have a preferred Javascript framework? If yes, look into the drag/drop/UI tools it has available. Otherwise, there are a couple of full-blown suites, e.g.: Sproutcore, Cappuccino (beyond the JqueryUI/YUI suggestions I had above).
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If you don't currently have the skills and experience, learning as you go might well be a frustrating experience for you and the client. My honest advice would be to subcontract the Flash -- and charge the client a huge amount of money. An application like that is a pretty complex undertaking.
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