Trying to find website of a design duo.
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I'm' trying to find a website of a pair of young(er than me) designers that I'd come across a year or so ago. They had several sites under their belt, but also (I believe) had some hosting/templates that were really nice. More details inside!

- They were a guy and gal. The guy was more programmer, the gal was more typographer. (though both were good)

- I think I'd found them because they had done the template/provided hosting(?) for print designer's portfolio that I liked. Or maybe a tumbler template?

- I think the name of their company was something a bit cute and retro like "mighty nice design"

Of those three things, I am most confident of the first, least confident of the last. I know it is a longshot but.... any thoughts?
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Best answer: Movable Type?
posted by bashos_frog at 1:47 PM on August 8, 2011

Best answer: To elaborate: Movable Type was founded by Ben & Mena Trott, who also run Six Apart.
I thought they also provided design services at one point, but can't find anything about it on the current sites.
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Response by poster: I do believe that is right! Oddly enough I had put in originally "and I think they did a lot of stuff with Movable Type". But I wasn't sure enough about that so I deleted it.

Thanks all!
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