How can I easily find out when my favorite bands release new albums?
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I'm an avid music consumer and want to know when the bands I like (there are easily hundreds of them) release a new album.

I definitely don't want to have to sign up to hundreds of mailing lists or follow dozens of different Web sites — I'm really looking for a single site that just lists new releases for bands I like.

A few years ago, I found Soundamus which seemed like the perfect solution since it builds a customized RSS feed for you. In practice, I've found that most of what it lists are greatest hits albums, live albums, box sets, reissues or mixtapes. I'm really only interested in knowing when a band puts out an actual new studio album.

Is there something that fills the same need as Soundamus but without all the junk?
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Best answer: I use Album Reminder and have never missed an album. That I know of.
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If you have an iSomething you can use Nomis.
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Response by poster: Album Reminder looks like exactly what I need! It even specifically says it won't notify you about re-issues, limited editions, etc. unless you ask them too.

grapesaresour: Nomis looks like it would be a good fit too, but I no longer have an iPod (or iPad or iPhone).
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If you've got a account it's got an album recommendations feature which can be exported as an RSS feed. The rule is that if you've listened to an artist at least once it'll show up. It does work rather well.
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Here's the RSS link*your username*/newreleases.rss
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