What's up with my GPS?
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What's up with my GPS?

I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata with factory-installed GPS. I've had the car since December and the GPS was great. About 2 weeks ago, it started giving wrong directions.

WAY wrong directions.

Like, I'm on the interstate clearly headed south towards my destination and it's telling me to get off at the next exit and go east.

Yesterday, I drove from SC to NC to TN back to SC and unless I was within 30-40 miles of my destination, the whole time I was on an interstate, the GPS consistently told me to get off at every single exit I passed.

The only time it didn't was when I was on a rural road and there were no exits anyway.

On a side note, it was just about the prettiest day of driving I've ever had AND thank goodness the navigation on my cell phone and my friends looking up directions on google maps, got me where I needed to go. Only really got lost one time.

But what's up with this-- has anyone heard of something like this? Is it common? I know I can get the service department to look at it- I've researched online, can't find anything about there being an issue like this with GPS. And why would it start happening now when it's not been an issue before?
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This happened to me once. I had set the GPS to avoid toll roads on one particular trip, and then forgot to change it back afterwards. On my next long drive, the GPS was telling me to get off at every exit I passed. I couldn't figure out why, until I realized it was trying to route me around the toll booths on the NY interstate. Have you changed any of the navigation preferences/avoidances in your GPS? It sounds like it might be trying to help you avoid highways.
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Perhaps it is related to recent solar flares?
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I second the suggestion to check the default routing configuration. Most vehicle nav systems that use GPS have default options for how to plan the route. Like being able to default to using shortest or fastest, avoid highways, avoid tolls, etc. Check that your defaults are set how you'd like.

This assumes, of course, that the end destination was still correct, as was your current location. What did the overall route plan look like? Was it accurately picking up your current location? Was is still routing to the correct destination?
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Yep, sounds like it's set to avoid highways.
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I have a plan of attack...
I've never accessed those settings, so I wouldn't know how it changed, but this sounds like it makes sense. Thanks... I'm actually pretty new to the whole GPS thing, so this is a big help.
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How simple a fix that was! A bit embarrassing, but nonetheless, thanks!
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