Attractions between Cleveland and Milwaukee?
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Driving between Cleveland and Milwaukee with a day to spare; any ideas about interesting things to see? Not that interested in Cedar Point. Leaving the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to go to Alpine Valley Music Theater for Pearl Jam's 20 Anniversary concert, if that context will help. Like national parks along with man made attractions.
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The Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee is actually really interesting and fun, even if you aren't a motorcycle person.
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The Johnson Wax Building Tour is pretty great. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1936.
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Indiana Dunes National Seashore is right on your way. Pretty to look at, and a lot of other thngs to do.
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Bypass Chicago. Take the ferry from Muskegon to Milwaukee.
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The ferry is ridiculously, stupidly expensive, so only take that if you have gobs of money and really, really hate traffic. Chicago is not that bad if you time it right. If you have the opportunity to go through there in the middle of the night or Sunday morning, I'd take it. Whatever you do, don't take I-90 or I-94 through the city unless you plan on stopping (I'll let someone else cover Chicago tourist attractions). Stick to 294 until it joins up with 94 again.

There's not much to recommend in Kenosha or Racine. I'm not understanding if you're coming to Milwaukee first and then going to Alpine Valley? Milwaukee's not on your way there. If you are coming here, I'd recommend the Art Museum and the lakefront in general. You can rent a bike, boat, or kayak to see the lake and/or Milwaukee River.

Kettle Moraine State Forest is not on your way, but it's near your destination and it's a pretty drive with hiking trails and geocaching. No national parks in that area.
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