You movie opened in 9 theaters!
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Classic Mac Game Filter: You write a screenplay synopsis and try to market your movie. I remember pulling this one off an old MacAddict CD-ROM back in the day. Maybe you remember it?

It was all text-based, but not DOS-like. I remember it being really fun, with lots of possible endings for your efforts. I used to play it on my Powerbook 5300, and I'd love to have a copy again to play emulated on my MacBook Air. All hail the hive mind!
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Was it sort of mix-n-match premises?

I remember Jellyvision (of You Don't Know Jack fame) did something vaguely like this, but I remember it as an online game that involved creating TV shows. But they tend to make stuff that is text-based, not DOS-like, and really fun, so I thought I'd throw it out there. :)
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure it's Sim Cinema Deluxe. I remember playing this from a MacAddict disk, too!
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Another one with graphics and sound was Write Camera Action, a BRODERBUND title .
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It definitely sounds like SimCinema - I'm sure I remember playing this on an LC575 somehow, too. (Maybe there was a pre-Deluxe version?) Ahh, memories.
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Response by poster: @bcwinters That was it! Off to install Sheepshaver now!
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