How can I get Pandora to continue from song to song on its own without having it as the active page?
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Why won't Pandora play to the next song unless I am on the actual Pandora screen? This might have coincided with Internet Explorer 9...

I never used to have an issue leaving Pandora running in one tab, while browsing or working in another tab or program whilst music played automatically from song to song... I can't be sure, but I recall this being a non-issue before I downloaded IE9.

Now, however, Pandora won't continue to the next song unless I switch back to the tab and pause for a bit. Sometimes I have to select the "next" symbol to move it along. Music does just stops at the end of each song and won't continue on its own to the next selection unless manually done.

How can I revert back to the good ol' days of having Pandora play effortlessly on its own? Perhaps some internet setting that's gone wacky?
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Response by poster: Well, I discovered that Pandora addressed this in their Help section. *woopsie*

Just in case others come looking for this-- here's the link.
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