help me find this vaguely described classic rock song
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Can you help me find a classic rock song called something like Amelia?

I'm looking for a classic rock song that is called Amelia or something similar. This name, or word, is sung several times during the chorus of the song. I believe the chorus uses a call-response lyric arrangement, e.g. "Ommmm-uhhh-leeeee-uh, some lyrics by the lead singer! Ommm-uhhh-leee-uh, and maybe some more lyrics here!" The name portion of the chorus is primarily two notes, starting at G for example and going down a whole step to F.

The style is upbeat electric guitar rock, late 1970s through mid 1980s, perhaps entirely in major key(s). I believe I originally heard this on a classic rock radio station in New York state. I tried most of the "Amelia" tracks on Spotify without success.

The name of the song is quite possibly something else, but this weird pronunciation of Amelia fits in with my musical memory of the song. Maybe the real lyric is not even a name. I don't remember much else about the song; no lyrics or specifics about the instrument parts. Bands that come to mind as possible candidates include Boston, Bad Company, Yes, Toto (those award-winning writers of so many songs about women).
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Just to get the obvious out of the way, is it Amanda by Boston or Amie by Pure Prairie League?
posted by Monsieur Caution at 4:30 PM on August 6, 2011

Elvis Costello, Alison?
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I don't know anything about keys or chords, but ... Cecilia?
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Amie is the song I instantly thought of, too.
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Sara (storms are brewin' in your eyes) by Starship?
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This is def not upbeat rock, but it is Amelia
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Response by poster: Monsieur Caution: No, not Amanda or Amie. Sorry; I started to make a list of "it is not these songs", but I cut it before posting.
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Best answer: Donnie Iris, Ah Leah?
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Oh Sherry by Journey?
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Response by poster: Also not Alison, Cecilia, Sara, or Joni Mitchell's Amelia. The song I'm thinking of is much more rock and not folk-rock. Thanks to everyone who has posted a suggestion so far!
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Response by poster: kimota got it! Thanks! When the video started, I was thinking "Did Trevor Horn get new glasses?"
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Any chance that they were saying Armenia ("Ar-muh-nee-ya")? The pronunciation works out just like The Who's "Armenia City in the Sky." Jump to 1:10 or so on this YouTube of it. Long shot, I know.
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Oops, missed on preview that it was already found! Cool!
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Response by poster: dayintoday, no, but thanks, that's one I've never heard before. Is that day-of-the-week intro part of the song?
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Yep, it's part of the song. One of The Who's weirder songs (off of one of The Who's weirder albums). If you end up liking the song, there's a really good cover of it by Sugar as well in a less psychedelic vein.
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Wow, she is rockin' those culottes.
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I <3 Metafilter. I had never heard this song but am now guiltily going through all the Donnie Iris I can find on YouTube and Spotify. It probably is nostalgia for growing up with this sort of music, but I love this shit.
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If you like Ah, Leah! you'll probably also dig Donnie Iris' other big hit from that era, Love Is Like a Rock.
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Great song! Hadn't heard it in years, and am now looking at other Donnie Iris songs too.
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