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Romantic proposal filter: What songs would you include in a playlist that will be played prior to a proposal? Special details inside...

Proposing to my girlfriend tomorrow evening, and between dinner, a play, and the spot where I will be popping the question, I would like to have a special playlist running in the car. Ideally, the songs would not be so obvious in subject matter that they would tip her off to the upcoming proposal (she may have her suspicions), but would seem pleasantly appropriate upon a second listen. Both classic and modern songs are welcome. They don't have to be "slow" or romantic in a traditional sense (for examples, I was thinking of I'll Be Your Man by The Black Keys); any ideas for songs you might include will be appreciated.

(To clarify, individual song recommendations--not entire playlists--are fine).
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I Wanna Be Your Man--Beatles
Summer of Love--B-52's
Indian Summer--Doors
I Will--Beatles
You're My Best Friend--Queen
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Oh, and good luck! :)
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From spouses Greg Brown and Iris Dement:

Greg Brown and Ani Difranco, "Marriage Chant"

John Prine and Iris DeMent, "In Spite of Ourselves" (starts around 1:22)
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True Love Ways - Buddy Holly

You Are the Sunshine of My Life - Stevie Wonder
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Power of Two - Indigo Girls
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tired of being alone==al greene
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I've Been Waiting
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You're Still the One -- Shania Twain
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Question - Old '97s (well, it is on the obvious side)
The First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes
I'm In Love With a Girl - Big Star
Say Yes - Elliott Smith
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As by Stevie Wonder.
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If you like Iris Dement and John Prine, I'll throw (We're not) The Jet Set into the ring.
For the "I'd do anything for you" sentiment, try Kate Rusby "Drowned Lovers" very morbid, but when two lovers are kept apart by their mothers, they end up drowning in a river.
Also a little morbid but much more clearly sweet, is Radio Sweethearts

My advice on this is, have songs that go together in some way other than being mushy romantic. So if you're digging the above, look for more country or alt country stuff to add in.

If You Send Me from Sam Cooke is more your speed, try to match it up with other stuff from that time. (Be warned, he does say, "wanting to marry you and take you home. that might be more obvious that you want to get.)

Heart Like a Kick Drum from the Avett Brothers might express your physical state?

Also, good luck!
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Wedding Song, Bob Dylan
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Everybody Here Wants You - Jeff Buckley
Eyes on the Prize - M. Ward
A Million Years - Alexander

And congrats!!!
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Wedding Dress by Matthew Nathanson would be painfully obvious.
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Uno mas:
Wait for Me - Motopony
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John Gorka - If I Could Forget to Breathe

A damn fine love song.
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(a little on the nose but mad sweet)

Sweetest Decline - Beth Orton

After the Prince and the Showgirl - Shivaree

(a little sneakier)


Linda Blair was Born Innocent - Mountain Goats

Chemistry - Kimya Dawson
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I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohen
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Bobby Darin's version of If I Were a Carpenter (+alternate recording) is really beautiful, though it might not be subtle enough.
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Weepies - Gotta Have You

or a little more subtle

Van Morrison - Days Like This
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Maybe a little too obvious - Abba - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
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Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers
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Pete Townshend: Let My Love Open the Door (E. Cola Mix) . Lexi & I danced to this song & our wedding. It's a winner.
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The Magnetic Fields - Nothing Matters When We're Dancing

A little too obvious, but perhaps for the actual wedding part?: The Magnetic Fields - It's Only Time
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Snow Patrol, Just Say Yes
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Louvin Brothers: If I Could Only Win Your Love
Talking Heads: This Must Be the Place (the line "You've got a face with a view" kills me every time).

The play is BEFORE the proposal, right? I guess if it's before, you won't be able to concentrate; if it's after, neither of you will be able to.

Congratulations and great good luck in this first step.
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The suspense is killing me. Please, let us know how it went! Also, would love to see the playlist! And tell us whether she was on to you or not?

This single lady is living vicariously through you.
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Response by poster: Post-proposal update: The evening went great! Sunday was her first day off in a while, and she was actually planning to cook for me since I usually do dinner. I surprised her with dinner reservations at her favourite restaurant. After the cheque, I pulled out tickets to Wicked, which was in its final night in our city. She had been kicking herself for two months over not getting tickets, since she had really wanted to see the show. I put the soundtrack on as we left the restaurant (including many of the suggestions from here) and she loved in. The play was amazing, and on our way home I took an early turn-off and headed towards the legislature grounds which overlook the city. Took a stroll around the gardens and popped the question. I was going to get down on one knee, but kind of botched it due to nerves. She was happy, though, and kind of cried a little and just nodded and didn't really say anything. That was nice. My parents are having us and her parents over for dinner on Saturday, so we are going to tell them there. I can't believe that she can wait that long, but I told her I will do whatever she wants. Thanks for the help!

Here is a picture she took when we got home.

Oh, and apparently she was on to me (kind of). I had a picture of a ring on my phone a couple months ago and was being kind of protective of it, which set off her suspicions. I guess they kind of died down, but then once I suggested we go for a walk after the play, she kind of got all excited. Oh well!
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