A date with Mark?
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I've got a 90-minute date with a tap of Maker's Mark. How do I make the most of it?

The local bar is running a special for 90-minutes of unlimited grub and bourbon at a fixed price. A good friend and I have decided to take them up on their offer.

Neat, rocks, and cocktails are fair game. Our goal is to gain a better appreciation of whisky.

Cocktails are particularly interesting to us, as I typically enjoy my bourbon neat and my friend dislikes the taste of alcohol itself. That said, we're open to any ideas. Suggestions and recommendations are highly appreciated.
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There are the go-to bourbon drinks - Mint Julip, Manhattan
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Bourbon milkshakes are awesome.
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Old fashioneds! Bourbon & 7!
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Pickleback it. Trust.
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Mint Julep, Manhattan, John Collins (a Tom Collins with bourbon instead of gin), Old-Fashioned. Longer drinks will ensure that you're not drinking yourself stupid.

Absolute purists say that the Old-Fashioned should be made with rye, but anyway: it's a test of a good bar, so switch if it's not to your liking.
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From the Maker's website (this sounds interesting)...

Maker's MarkĀ® Bourbon Ball

3 parts Maker's Mark
1 part DeKuyper White Creme de Cocoa
1 part DeKuyper Hazelnut Liqueur
Heavy Cream
Shake and serve up or on the rocks.
Top with cream and garnish with chocolate shavings.
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Allikat -
That looks like a bourbon alexander.
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Is it hot where you are? A bourbon lime rickey is very refreshing. (Works with rye, too.)
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Bourbon and grapefruit juice is very tasty and refreshing, plus - Vitamin C. Bourbon over butter pecan ice cream is drool-worthy. Makers Mark is very smooth; kind of wasteful to disguise it with stuff, so have at least a couple straight up and on the rocks.
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Here are some recipes that I've been working on, best taken in sequence.

#1: Bourbon.
2 fl. oz. Bourbon
Drink neat, chase with:

#2: Bourbon.
2 fl. oz. Bourbon.
Drink neat, chase with:

#3: Bourbon & Coke
2 fl. oz. Bourbon
6 fl. oz. Coca Cola
Mix, stir lightly, and consume, stopping to order:

#4: Bourbon.
2 fl. oz. Bourbon.
Drink neat, chase with #3 while ordering

#5: Old-Fashioned
1.5 fl. oz. Bourbon
1 Sugar Cube
2 Dashes Bitters (I prefer Peychaud's because I'm an ass)
1 Splash Water
Saturate cube with bitters, muddle in soda water, fill glass with ice, add whiskey Garnish with orange slice, lemon twist, and a couple maraschinos. Get into an argument about politics with someone at the bar, finish your drink in a huff, order

#6: Bourbon.
2 fl. oz. Bourbon.
Drink neat, chase with:

#7: Yelling.
At someone, preferably the person with whom you were arguing. As they yell back at you, take the opportunity to order:

#8: Fighting.
With that know-nothing asshole. Kick his/her ass and storm out of the bar.
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Maker's and Ginger Ale. Delish.
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Here, here to gramcracker!! That was my grandmother's favorite and now it's mine. The smokey smoothness of Maker's is perfect with ginger ale. Canada Dry, preferably, not some hipster homemade stuff.
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Drink it neat, but make sure you order some hot grub. Bourbon goes really nice with spicy food.
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Learn from the Master. Always order a glass of water back. Start practicing the kicks at home.
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I second the pickleback. Don't knock it until you've tried it.
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Just water on the side.
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Response by poster: Loving the suggestions so far. The pickleback looks particularly interesting and different, which is just the sort of thing I'd want to explore.

I'll be back later for favorites and replies proper, but bonus points for suggestions that cater to my friend. They can't stand carbonated beverages (ruling out soda/coke/ginger ale/etc.), dislike grapefruit juice, and is generally new to the world of whisky (i.e. lack of appreciation for its taste).

As someone who drinks neat, I'm a terrible person to introduce the spirit. I'm hoping to discover some appropriate "beginner's drinks" in the mix.
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You could try a Sazerac with bourbon instead of rye.
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Maybe your friend would like an Algonquin? They're basically 2 parts whisky, 1 part vermouth, and 1 part pineapple juice.
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My maternal grandfather's drink of choice was bourbon + flat Cherry 7-UP. I'm not suggesting it's a good drink, but he was an ornery sumbitch. See if they have cherry bitters - I like bourbon and a lot of ice and cherry bitters, but I'm a liberal pussy.
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I can't stand carbonation or straight alcohol or grapefruit juice, and I adore whiskey sours. Bad sour mix is a sugary mess, but if this is a bar with good cocktails I would definitely give it a shot. I also hate cherries so I ask for a lime wedge instead of the cherry that it would traditionally be garnished with.

I discovered the joys of sours by talking to a bartender about my preferences and tipping really well. So that's another route your friend could try.
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Whiskey sours are my drink of choice if I'm all out of gin.

Right now I'm all out of gin and Maker's. Shopping trip tomorrow.
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Whiskey & ginger ale, definitely.
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Jim Beam and Lemonade. Also Jim Beam and Iced Tea. I have not tried the next logical step, the Jim Beam Arnold Palmer.

I have one friend who swears by Makers in a shot glass. Every 17 minutes.
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If you need to break someone in, perhaps the Lynchburg Lemonade is a good choice.

1.5 oz whiskey
.5 oz triple sec or other orange liquor
2 oz lemonade
1 lemon wedge

Fill shaker and a rocks glass with ice. Add the whiskey, triple sec, and lemonade to the shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into the glass, garnish with the lemon wedge, and serve.
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A proper bourbon sour with fresh lime juice is a delight. Try 2 oz bourbon with 3/4 oz freshly squeezed lime juice and 3/4 simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water). Proportions are very important in a simple drink like this. Sour mix won't do.

Also try an Expat cocktail, is essentially a Southside with bourbon instead of gin. 2 oz. bourbon, 3/4 oz fresh lime, 3/4 oz simple syrup, 1 muddled mint sprig, dash of Angostura bitters. Shaken and served up.
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