Chihuahua Ear Infection
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Chalupa the chihuahua has an ear infection. Trip to the vet is happening tommorow, what can be done before then to help her feel better?
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I've read that baby aspirin is fine for dogs; for dogs 8 pounds and under, only give one half (or less, depending on weight) of the baby aspirin. You might consider calling your veterinary ER before you do this, but it seems to be a pretty common practice (and is often prescribed by vets). There are mixed reviews as to baby Tylenol, so I'd avoid that. Also, if the chihuahua is still a puppy, she may not yet have the enzymes to digest the aspirin (if given in too large a dose, it can cause stomach problems). Hope Chalupa feels better soon!
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Don't try ear candles. With people, sometimes various warm liquids are drizzled into the ear to help with the pain.

From a google search for earache oil of cloves

Medical Tips & Tricks: "5/13/98
:Ways To Stop Pain
: Use the Hair Dryer. Hold it apx 16 to 18 inches from the ear &
on low. The warm air helps with the inflammation that can cause the pain.
Also try some warm Baby Oil : Place A few drops of tepid (or body temp)
Baby Oil by warming it under the faucet in to the Ear cannel. You can use
a Thermometer to test the temp. Also don't forget to sit upright to help
the Eustachian tubes to be able to drain properly, and Swallowing will
help ease the pain."

caveat: I am not a vet.
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I am also not a vet.

Having said that, my last ear infection was treated in part with a tincture of vinegar and medicine suspended in oil (yes, I dropped vinagrette in my ear). Perhaps Chalupa would benefit from the same?
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My Shiba Inu puppy recently suffered from an ear infection. The days prior to seeing the vet I cleaned her ear with Epi-Otic ear cleanser for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.

Perhaps you could follow the same procedure but with water? Fill her ear with water, let her shake, and then dry the ear with a tissue or soft cloth (not paper towel or anything else that's abrasive). Remove all the waxy build up.

This will help in the near term but you'll probably need antibiotics from your vet.
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My chihuahua, on the recommendation of his vet, has been helped to relax on an airplane with liquid children's benadryl. Perhaps this could help Chalupa get some sleep?
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Response by poster: lalalana, how much did you give your dog? (really paranoid about dosage levels here)
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Best answer: Be real careful medicating your dog with human meds. Lots of them are incompatible and fatal, even in small doses. Dont risk a nights discomfort with a trashed liver...

If its really painful for the dog, take it to a vet that can see it tonite. Youll pay a lot for it, of course.
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I know Chalupa has probably seen her vet by now, but for future reference, my vet told me to give my dog, who weighs about 4.5 lbs., a dropper full.
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So, how is Chalupa after the trip to the vet?
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