"Megapixels" "What? "MEGAPIXELS!"
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I'm looking for an Sony TV spot for digital cameras. I'm guessing it was out around 2003. It had a guy walking around town asking anyone he could find about digital cameras police officers, construction workers, maybe a crossing guard. In one scene he is yelling down a manhole asking about megapixels. I've Googgled all I can Google and haven't been able to find it online anywhere.

I cant hear, or read the word Megapixels with out thinking about that scene in that commercial. I'd like to see the spot again just to confirm the voice in my head is the same as whats in the ad. If any can point me to a link that'd be great!
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According to this timeline, the only digital camera Sony produced circa 2003 was the Cybershot. There are a few commercials for it on Adland, but none of them look like what you're looking for. You can try running a few searches there yourself if you can remember anything else relevant to search for.
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