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I'll be in St Louis with my girlfriend and her 8 year old daughter Sunday evening through Monday afternoon to hit the Zoo. We wanted to do one meal at Crown's Candy and one at Pappy's Smokehouse but they will both be closed by the time we get there Sunday. Any scoop on good St Louis eats open on a Sunday night? Any style is good, but rustic, homey and even "divey" is better (The girl is partial to BBQ, soul food, baked goods, Mexican and Italian). There seem to be many great restaurants, but the "open-Sunday-night" bit seems to be the challenge. Thanks!
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Sweetie Pie's is a great soul food restaurant open til 8pm on Sundays. It was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.
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Ted Drewes is open until 11pm or midnight every day in summer. Go there for dessert!
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For a divey diner experience, there's the Courtesy Diner. A cleaner location is on Hampton just south of the Park. A, shall we say more traditional, location is on Kingshighway south of Arsenal (south of 44). I'm sure the Kingshighway location is 24 hours, I believe the other one is too.

Just down the street from the Kingshighway location of Courtesy Diner is Uncle Bill's Pancake House, a 24 hour place specializing in breakfast but they have other mostly standard family restaurant fare too.

Uncle Bill's and Courtesy are pretty much the standard "late night/drunk" food in St. Louis as far as I'm aware.

Depending on how late, a hipstery bar that has pretty great food is The Royale, on Kingshighway, across from the Courtesy Diner. I'm not sure if they stop letting kids in past a certain time, because it is a bar. They do have a nice patio in the back and the food is pretty good stuff (also great cocktails).

The City Diner is sort of a 50s diner throwback (not really a true greasy-spoon diner) that's open until 10 on Sundays. They have two locations: One on South Grand (south of Arsenal) and one next to the Fox Theater on Grand north of I-64 (or "40", if you're from here).

Chuy Arzola's is local Mexican, open until 9 p.m. Sunday. It's near the City Diner at the Fox location: On Lindell between Grand and Vandeventer (north of 64/40).

The Fountain on Locust claims to be open until 10 p.m. Sundays. It's sort of an upscale Crown Candy (minus the actual candy). It's in Grand Center, on Locust between Grand and Jefferson (north of 40/64).
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The new Cyrano's out in Webster Groves is open until 10 p.m. on Sunday, and pretty faithfully translates a once very popular St. Louis bistro cafe to a new location. It's a bit of a drive out of town and the menu isn't big on your preferred items, but their desserts and coffees are terrific, and so most people have a small plate of tapas. or a perfunctory sandwich or something, and then pig out on a Cleopatra or a World's Fair Eclair. I had Cleopatras at the old place for years starting back in 1970, and then nearly every time I went through St. Louis until it closed, and I've had 'em at the new place, and they are just as good as I remembered!
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I came to recommend Uncle Bill's Pancake House, and I see that brentajones already has. But I'll second. It's open 24-7, they have a kid-friendly kid's menu, and you can't get much more rustic + divey.

I can say also that I have actually been to The Fountain late at night on a Sunday (though it was a while ago). The murals are BEAUTIFUL. Didn't try the dinner food but the drinks and desserts are top notch.
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