Portrait mode problems with Photoshop CS Raw importer?
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Glitch in Photoshop CS? When i import camera RAW using the native CS importer, I get a "program error" message on any photo that is vertical (portrait mode).

Photoshop does not crash, but merely refuses to import. If it's any help, the RAW files are from a year-old Digital Rebel.
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Are you using any of the hacked firmwares for the Digital Rebel? Not all the custom firmwares are 100% compatible with all RAW converters.

Also, what sort of error is it? Just a simple dialog box with "program error" and an exclamation point icon?

Lastly, the ACR (Abode Camera Raw) plugin has been through a ton of updates due to new camera releases. What version are you running?
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Are you on PC or Mac? When I ran into some P-shop problems a while ago, I simply deleted the RAW plugin and replaced it with the latest version from Adobe's site. I'm not sure how you do it on PC, but it's pretty easy on Mac -- just go into the Photoshop directory >> plugins >> file formats and delete (or rename for posterity) the RAW plugin -- then replace with the new one.

If you get the program error during other times as well (for instance, when you try to save a file), there's probably something else funky going on. I really screwed something up one time when I was saving a ton of high-res files that maxed out my hard drive space. I don't know wtf happened, but I read something while troubleshooting that suggested running out of space on the primary drive is kind of a no-no. I couldn't get P-shop, nor a few other programs, to run correctly after I freed up the space, so I wiped the drive and reinstalled from backups.

I hope that's not the same thing as what you're experiencing.
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Response by poster: Crap...yeah, I ran the temp file up to "disk full" a couple weeks ago, and that's when this started happening.
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- try upgrading your Camera Raw plug in (newest version for CS is 2.4)
- try deleting the cache in the File Browser
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I had been planning to wipe/reinstall everything to begin with, so my patience for troubleshooting wasn't too overwhelming -- i threw my hands up and said "screw it" pretty quickly. Hopefully you can figure out a solution that doesn't require a reformat. Fingerscrossed.
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