Fix the Fatal Fuzz!
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I have (what I think is) a bad solder (mp3 around 0:42) in a pair of Church Audio CA-14 miniature headworn omnidirectional microphones. Where might I find someone to fix these here in Los Angeles?

Chris Church makes a brilliant set of microphones, and I have no guff with him or his products, but I just won't be able to get these fixed by him in time for my next field recording session. I have two weeks... How can I find someone here in town to troubleshoot and fix my beloved mics? (Specific names and recommendations are most highly valued.) Thanks!
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Yikes. I'd honestly try to call him up and get his advice, as his website says all the mics are handmade by Chris. Miniature headworn mics are super teeny tiny, though I haven't used that particular mic. It may well be unfixable without replacing the cable. If you can isolate where the short is, you might be able to stabilize the situation by putting some heatshrink tubing around the area, to provide additional support.
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That point is very much appreciated, zachlipton, but let's just say that going through Chris at this point is untenable.
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My husband says:

Greg or Brent Parson

Production Wireless Services

Phone: 818.840.9311

FAX: 818.840.0596

1821 West Verdugo Ave
Burbank, CA 91506

It is not cheap. Bench time starts at $75 hr. I think.

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