Drawing a crowd?
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Is it a bad idea to practice drawing caricatures by setting up a booth/table on the street?

I'd like to practice drawing caricatures which are cartoony, but also capture a good likeness. I hate drawing from photos.

Can I set up a table and chairs in a public square and offer to draw free caricatures of tourists? I wouldn't be selling anything, so I don't think I'd need a vendor license.

Does this plan sound like a terrible idea for any reason? Or should I go for it?
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Go for it! Sounds like a lot of fun. As you're drawing, maybe explain that you're practicing so that no one gets upset if their drawing turns out poorly. And if a cop comes up to you and asks you to move along, don't argue. Just be agreeable, pack up, and go. (Unless, of course, you're well-versed in all your local ordinances and know for absolute certain you're doing nothing wrong, in which case you should argue at your own peril.)
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If there are people who are selling caricatures, they are not going to be pleased.
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Response by poster: At the place I have in mind, I've never seen anyone else selling caricatures. My suspicion is that it may be due to strict vendor permitting in that area. But if I give them away, I hope I can circumvent that.
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Best answer: One quick phone call to your local jurisdiction will tell you what you need to know. Or just do it. I'm sure the proper authority will educate you though perhaps with a fine.
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In tourist areas I have sometimes heard of artists offering to draw free caricatures of tourists "for practice", and then pressuring them to pay afterwards and even threatening them if they refuse. Just something to keep in mind.
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Theme parks beg for caricature artists, pay a base lousy wage, and people tip---you might make more money and get a more receptive crowd. Just sayin'.
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I don't think quality is an obstacle to making money. My brother paid an "artist" to draw a caricature. It didn't look anything like him. Of course, YMMV.
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