Looking for vegan food, Vegas to Denton
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Heading from Las Vegas to Denton, Texas, starting tomorrow with my vegan friend. Where should we eat...here, Texas and along the way?
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I cannot help you with the trip itself, but after you get to Denton you need to come down one day to either Dallas or Fort Worth for the Spiral Diner & Bakery, which serves only vegan food. It's fantastic.
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are you from denton and just looking for food on the way? if so, you know all this, if not, here are some denton vegan choices.

there's a lot of good, cheap thai food in denton. i can think of 5 different places and they're all good. chopsticks is the old standby, i'm a bigger fan of oriental garden. it's a pretty vegetarian friendly place, despite being in the middle of bbq country. the bar cool beans serves veggie burgers and vegetarian chili tacos (VERY spicy, especially if you're not from around there).

for vegan coffee needs, go to the square hit up the jupiter house - they'll also have some vegan food options (pastries and the like). then head over to recycled books, one of the best used book stores. on your way, you'll pass the two "mini-malls" which are treasures of "antiques" and thrift store finds.
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I am not by any stretch a vegetarian or vegan, but while living in Dallas I had the opportunity to eat a few times at Suma Veggie Cafe in Richardson, and it was freakin' delicious.
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Spiral Diner's food is bland, overpriced, and overrated and definitely not worth driving out of your way to visit. If you've ever eaten good vegan food elsewhere, you will be disappointed. Jinkeez's recommendation of Suma is spot on, though. Quality Asian-style vegan food at a decent price.

Will you be traveling down to Dallas proper, or will you be staying in Denton?
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Charlie Vegas is a Thai joint in Vegas (natch) that's pretty damn tasty even though it has no right to be, and has a ton of vegan food. It's totally one of those strip mall (though in this case, just part of the old downtown a couple blocks away from the old casinos) Thai joints that's a little bit greasy but their Massuman was fantastic and they really knew how to bring the heat.
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