Boston to Fire Island?
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I am attending a bachelorette party next weekend on Fire Island, NY and live in Boston, MA. I've been unable to find an efficient route that doesn't include 2 ferry rides and would appreciate any suggestions that allow me to take my car as far as possible.
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Ferry is the best way.
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Yeah. Bridgeport-->Port Jeff, Bayshore--> FI is the way to go
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You can take your car on the Bridgeport -> Port Jeff Ferry. Don't know about the one to FI though.
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There is no efficient route - you either drive through the city or take your car on the ferry. Trust me, have a drink on the ferry, it will be much more enjoyable than the drive.
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It's an island!!!! That said, there is the Robert Moses Causeway, but I don't think there's anywhere to park once you get to Fire Island that way and there are no cars allowed in the residential communities so you'd be up for at least a several mile hike (depending on which community) if you *could* park, which I think you can't.

You can park at the Fire Island Ferry terminal in Bay Shore if you are going to most of the "straight" communities (Ocean Beach, Fair Harbor, Kismet, Saltaire, Ocean Bay Park, Seaview, Dunewood, Lonelyville, Atlantique) and though I've never done it, I think you can probably park at Sayville (sp) the ferry that serves Cherry Grove and the Pines.
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You can park your car at Sayville Ferry (which services Cherry Grove, the Pines, Sailors Haven and Water Island). "There is a parking lot across the street that has a daily parking rate. For information call 631.589.7548."
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Yeah it depends where on FI you're going. You can park in Sayville for Cherry Grove, Water Island, sailors Haven, Deer Park and the Pines, Bayshore for other points. See Wikipedia, which is missing one travel option - the very expensive sea plane option :)
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Best answer: There is also the New London, CT to Orient Point (Long Island) ferry, which in fact is what Google Maps suggests. Indeed, Google steadfastly even refuses to recommend the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry, even if you plug in Boston -> Bridgeport -> Fire Island.

Having taken both ferries myself, I can say that I definitely prefer the New London to Orient Point ferry. You don't have to drive through downtown Bridgeport, and the drive once you're on Long Island is going to be a lot prettier, and probably less traffic-y, since you're further away from the city. (Though note that it won't major highway driving.) You will also have the chance to pick up some Briermere pies, which I can guarantee will make you a hit at your party.

Ferry information here.
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Yeah, there's no reason to take your car all the way to Fire Island itself. You could take the bridge to Robert Moses State Park and walk (miles and miles, most likely!) to whatever community your party is in, but I promise it's easier to take a ferry directly to wherever you need to be. I have to drive out on FI sometimes for work, and it's an adventure/PITA--you can't do it without a 4-wheel drive vehicle, there aren't actual roads so you drive on these tiny wooden boardwalks and hope nobody is coming in the opposite direction, and when you get to the sandy sections between communities you have to air down your tires and drive directly on the sand. In my experience, this part results in an average of one shoveling-out (after getting the truck stuck) per trip. If that weren't enough to dissuade you, I am pretty sure you also need a permit to drive there at all.

On the bright side, the ferries to Fire Island are all convenient and cheap. The ones across LI Sound are not so cheap with a car (around $50 each way), but you can drive around through Connecticut/the Bronx/Queens and avoid that cost. It's kind of a crappy drive, but it doesn't actually take much longer than the ferry does (especially considering you have to get to the ferry 30-60 minutes before it leaves). There are parking lots at all the Fire Island ferry terminals; we recently took the Sayville ferry and the parking rate was about $10 for the day. Don't know how much they charge for overnights.
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The problem with getting to Long Island from New England is that you have to either drive through the city or take one of the ferries.

When I lived in the Boston area and couldn't escape seeing family, I preferred the Orient Point ferry from New London, CT. However, it's expensive ($70 round-trip for car and driver the last time I rode it several years ago, probably costs more now), and you need to book it in advance.

It takes just as long to take one of the ferries across the Sound as it does to drive through the city, since the boats are slow. It is also more expensive than tolls. However, if you want an hour or so break from driving, it may be worth the extra cash.

I have never been to Fire Island, but I imagine you don't want to take your car there. Park at one of the FI ferry terminals and ride as a passenger.
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The Orient Ferry is my favorite too, but when I was making this drive I was always headed just down the road to Greenport, but it is easier to get to, I like the ferries better, and you do get that pretty nice drive down the North Fork.

It's over $100 round trip now though...
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