Grundig majestic
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1960 grundig majestic stero console. features include am/fm radio with world wide access; phonograph(top of line). Information on back reads"Musical Instrument 9098/usa. Magnificient piece of furniture in mint condition. I paid $ 2000 dollars in1960. what is it worth today. Thanks
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Perhaps these two threads from a phonograph collectors' forum would help? Judging by the discussion there, and the few comparable-seeming eBay listings I could find, it's not worth a ton of money.
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As an audiophile item, it's worth little- very bulky and no doubt well made (both construction and electronic design) but difficult to sell as a vintage audio item because it's not separate components. That particular turntable design would not be considered high grade in any era since, and the speakers are likely pretty bandwidth limited.

Does it have any of the original tubes? If so these would no doubt be the most valuable component of the system. These radios were made by Telefunken whose tubes are extremely valuable on the used market. On the off chance you're an electronics or music person, you could hack this radio into a nice guitar amp or mic pre.

Otherwise, I don't think it's worthless, but your best bet would be to find a consignment or antique store that does Mid Century Modern furniture and see if they would be interested.
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Wow. $2 grand in 1960. Ouch.

Grundig makes good gear, and your box might be worth something to a specific indivudual, but generally, if there are a lot of them out there, they aren't worth much. Odd art deco units tend to be the most desirable.

I've got two radios that went for $1,000 or so in 1938. One, a Scott, has some value and the other, a Capehart, does also due to its very complicated play-both-sides-of-a-stack-of-78-records record changer. Just FYI, Scott made whole house installations in the 1930's that went for 25K. Remote controls (wired), chrome plated chassis, custom units. This was an era when many annual salaries were 3 digits. Scotts sell for 3-5K on eBay frequently.

There's an antique radio forum on eBay, and a publication called Antique Radio Classifieds. It's a decent vehicle for assessing and moving old gear like this, but I am with rogerb... don't get too optimistic. The challenge is to locate someone to buy it who lives close by. Weight and bulk complicate shipping.

Danish Modern furniture is kind of hot, and as a retro item, it may have appeal there. Sound from some of these old devices is impressive, if they work, and they can be hacked for external audio inputs (like iPods and satellite radio.) If you can't sell it, perhaps that's a good hack and/or if you install such a hack, it might increase its saleability. Original documentation helps sell such things, too, and if you can find a good Sam's Photofact on the unit, it makes it more desirable. (I'm talking about a printed doc, not a downloaded/scanned one.)

Tubes are hard to sell, incidentally. There is a wide choice of brand new, never used tubes available from dozens of places. Only certain types have any significant value, and the user base is super small. (My personal inventory is several hundred, and I currently have a few THOUSAND I am evaluating for a friend, including a lot of high power transmitter tubes, CRTs from the 1940's, ultraminiatures from the 50's, new and in boxes. ) Moving them en-masse is hard, and individually, slow. A few used tubes from a Grunding are unlikely to fetch much.

Were it me, I'd fix it, mod it, use it. Or maybe donate it to a 60's era
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Antique Radio Group on Yahoo.
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Having looked at plenty of similar era audio equipment and antiques, (and I'd guess it's worth more as an antique than as a piece of stereo equipment,) provided it's in good cosmetic condition, I'd guess you could fetch somewhere around 300-800 dollars for it.
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