East Coast/West Coast rap?
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Looking for a vaguely-remembered rap song. Google skills failing me.

I heard this on a mixtape once in someone's car, in the summer of 1999, so it predates that at least. The song compared East Coast and West Coast rappers, and the MC imitated the voices and styles of those different rappers. For example, I specifically remember he did the whiny nasal of the Beastie Boys with a line that went like "when I want a hot dog I eat at White Castle." My friends and I were cracking up the whole time.

Been bugging me for a while now. Any help appreciated!
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A Google search of ohhla.com reveals forty-some lyrics with 'white castle' in them. None looked especially promising (though I did get to read the awesome Kool G. Rap line 'I put holes in my beef like fuckin' White Castle burgers,' so it wasn't a total loss).

If you remember lyrics, or even chunks or phrases or whatnot, this may be a productive search strategy. Speaking of that--do you remember any of the samples?
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Response by poster: I just spent some time searching on ohhla.com myself with no luck. Are there any other good rap lyrics archives?

Unfortunately, I don't remember anything more than what I wrote in the question.
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Slow and Low by the Beastie Boys? It was on License to Ill, which came out in 1986.

"We got determination - bass and highs
White Castle fries only come in one size
What you see is what you get
And you ain't seen - nothing yet"
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Response by poster: No, it's not the Beastie Boys. Instead, he's making fun of the Beastie Boys by imitating them and mentioning White Castle. And that's just one line. I think he imitates other rappers too, though I don't remember who.
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The beastie boys part is unfamiliar, but Last Emporer did a song or two called Secret Wars (pts. 1&2) which featured him imitating other rappers.
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It sounds like something Supernat might do, but the song you describe rings no alarms for me. Whoah, hey.

Try asking Jay Smooth.
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Did you find it?
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