Realtor in Fairfield County, CT
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I am moving with my family from Texas to Connecticut in early September and need some assistance finding housing. Can anyone recommend a good realtor in Fairfield County, particularly for looking at rental houses? Given our short time frame, we are especially looking for someone who is proactive and can spend a lot of time with us over a few days.
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(check your memail)
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Check it again.
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Let me know if you want a Texan's perspective into living in CT (Trumbull and Stamford) for 7 years. We're back now and may be able to answer any questions you might have about the transition - stock up now on Shiner and Big Red, it's really expensive to have it shipped in for Thanksgiving ;-)
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My family got a good deal on a house in Southport by buying one in front of train tracks. Maybe that will work?
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Why in the world would you do that ? I hope you guys have high paying jobs waiting for you.
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I would recommend taking commuting time into account when you are selecting a place to live if you can. 18 miles on I-95 in Fairfield county = at least 1 hour during rush hour.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice everyone.
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