Manhattan City Hall wedding
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Soliciting your thoughts on making a Manhattan City Hall wedding extra special.

Of couse, it will already be special, no matter what. But it seems from my mefi-fu that a number of you all did the city hall thing. Thoughts? Words of advice? Special little touches to make it extra memorable?

-November, planning to go in the morning then head to lunch with our witnesses.
-My friend is tasked with getting a little bouquet.
-We decided to hire a pro photog for a few hours, for nice quality pictures.
-We're staying at an intown hotel for a short "stayhoneymoon" that weekend.

The hive mind is so great with stories, ideas and suggestions...and I would be most grateful to read them. Thanks in advance for contributing to our big day!
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I work in the building where the marriage licenses are and often see couples posing for photographers in the parks around here, which look pretty nice. There is even a small garden specifically for that purpose, I believe. If the weather is nice enough, you could do that, or head to the Brooklyn Bridge.
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Definitely walk over to the Brooklyn Bridge. My friends got some really adorable photos there after their wedding.

If it's not too crowded, you can do the throwing rice/blowing bubbles on the stairs bit, too.
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We did the same thing last November, actually. We had lunch at Delmonico's afterwards, and had the place to ourselves.

Depending on the day (ours was the day before Thanksgiving) there might be a lot of standing around and waiting, so keep that in mind, when choosing shoes.

The marriage bureau has a very hokey little store with cute stuff to buy like this book. We took some pictures with the merchandise while killing time. (it helps that my DH's name is Pat).
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We got married in Central Park. The one photo I wish I had, more than anything, was me in my wedding dress hailing a cab to get there. So if there's any photos you know you'll want, let the photographer and your friends all know to make sure someone is around to capture them at the right moment. Things go by really fast.

Tell the hotel desk clerk you just got married when you check in. They will likely upgrade you to a nicer room.
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My friends did this two years ago. Got dressed up and went to city hall with their parents. Hired a pro photographer, got married at city hall, took a few pics outside and then did a series of nicer portraits at the Highline and then went to dinner and held a small reception dinner. Completely fab setup.
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We did a city hall wedding (in San Francisco) and it was awesome. No regrets at all.

- We got the last slot of the day so we weren't rushed at all
- We chose a date that mattered to us (the day we met 13 years before) and it was in the middle of the week so it wasn't crowded
- We dressed up. I mean, other folks were in nice clothes, but I did the full white dress/veil/shoes bit and my husband rented a nice suit. My kid bought a discount rack flower girl dress and headpiece. It was over the top and people honked as we walked to City Hall, but worth it.
- We had a friend photographer there, taking pictures during the process and then did more staged photos in the park. I love those pictures and all the folks who weren't there appreciated getting a link to pics right away
- We stopped off at 7-11 to get Hostess cupcakes because we forgot to get a wedding cake. It's now "our" snackcake. Choose your dessert wisely.
- We stayed overnight in the honeymoon suite of a hotel near a big beach amusement park. It was nice to not just go home, but to have a honeymoon, even if it was just for a night (on a Wednesday -- cheap)
- We went to an arcade and crammed into a black and white photo booth while still dressed up. Awesome.
- We had a very nice dinner with wine and kept the cork as a memento and later bought a case of it as an anniversary treat

But honestly, you love each other, you're going into it with a sense of humor and a desire to be together. It will go awesome whatever you do.
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