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Help with name of 70's (may have been early 80s) TV spy Drama

Can anyone help me with the name of a 1970s (although it may have been early 80's) TV spy drama. I think it was set in ww2, although I'm not certain, all I can remember is that a person was hiding in a hole in the ground (possibly in a Forrest), someone found him and wanted him out, the guy in the hole persuaded him to drop his fountain pen in, which he somehow shot back killing his captor.... not much I know but anyone have any idea?? It may well have been shown on the BBC
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It's the adaptation of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Gimme a minute and I'll find the YouTube clip...
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No, hang on, I read the bit about hole in the ground/forest and jumped too quickly. False alarm. Sorry. Nothing to do with a fountain pen there.
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A man shooting lethal things out of his hidey-hole sounds like Geoffrey Household's Rogue Male, to me. That wikipedia page does mention a British made-for-TV of the book, from 1976.
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It sounds so like something that would have happened on The Avengers - and there was a deadly-pen-related episode of that - but it wasn't this. Rash may have something with "Rogue Male". I remember that being really, really, good and it definitely involved Peter O'Toole and a hidey-hole. I just don't remember the incident you describe.
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