Decent work schedule software?
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Can you recommend some software that will automagically create a decent work schedule?

I just got promoted at my job and among my duties will be creating a work schedule. It's a small department of only 5 employees.

As of right now, theres nothing wrong with our current schedule, in fact we have basically all worked the same set of hours for months, and some of use have worked the same set of hours for years. I think it would be a good idea if we could change it from week to week to get people out of their ruts. In general, our department is pretty informal when it comes to the schedule. There's only five of us and we're pretty close so trades/asking for time off is never a big deal, but I know certain people are looking for a chance to work different hours, and I'd like to accommodate them.

Some requirements:
-Hopefully its free, but if it's not, it better have a million options so I can pitch it's usefulness to my superiors.
-It doesn't have to be web based, but I have a Windows machine so I can't use Mac or Linux software.
-The software should be able to take into account that my workplace has different operating hours on different days
-It should be able to restrict the number of hours a person can be scheduled for (i.e. we can't work over X number of hours per day, and X per week)
-I should be able to specify the number of people who need to be on duty at a time (sometimes it's 1 sometimes is 2, this is something I could probably figure out manually)

I've done some googling but all the software I see looks either amatuerish or just looks like a scam. Anyone with first hand experience with software like this would be great.

If all else fails, I'll probably just end up writing it all out on a whiteboard or something.
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Xytech is the standard in my industry, with native Windows clients and all the options you or management could ever want with regards to scheduling, reports, work orders, resources... it's verrry expensive though.
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