Help me name my social entrepreneur ideas network?
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Help me name my social entrepreneur ideas network? I want to create an online idea-exchange for social entrepreneurs. They'd share their problems and help each other find solutions. I'm really struggling to find a good name for the website...

The website I want to create would be a place where people who see problems in their community can ask for help, and share what they've done to overcome those challenges. We'll encourage social entrepreneurs to take up those causes and make a difference. Ideas wouldn't be guarded, but shared with everyone through brainstorming, networking, etc.

The target audience will be change makers, activists, social entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Great names would be easy to pronounce and spell, short, and with the .com, twitter and facebook names available Namechk is wonderful for checking that sort of thing.

Since the focus is on sharing innovative ideas, having one of those words or synonyms of them within the name might be a good idea... but I'm totally open to suggestions.

Thank you all so much, I'm really struggling with this!

I also posted this to Name Station's Name Contest, but I'm hoping that the MeFi community might come up with stuff that others won't.
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Safe Maven.
posted by likeso at 12:28 PM on August 4, 2011 is available.
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Response by poster: Safe Maven is nice, not sure I understand stackathon... Thanks for the tips so far! Keep em coming
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