Anyone in Manila?
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I need a contact for Viva Entertainment Inc. in the Philippines.

I'm working on a documentary about Manny Pacquaio and I need a contact at Viva to license some footage. The materials I want were originally produced by Vintage Sports which was bought up by Viva. Phone calls go unanswered and emails bounce back. I've submitted a question through the website.
Neither the DC-based Embassy nor the LA-based consulate have any information.
Anyone based in Manila? Anyone know anyone in Manila?
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I emailed a buddy of mine who lives in Manila (professional photog. with studio) and while he does know the people at Vista, overall he couldn't really help. I only responded to your thread because I thought it was a funny enough back and forth that I could share it and let you know I tried.

His exact words were "Getting anything out of them is like trying to get a nun to strip."

Not exactly good news, but I told him I'd take those odds. I asked him to go on and he replied: "well first ... they're gonna take forever to process his request since it's not on their priority list... and working in showbiz here is pretty frickin horrible in terms of efficiency. They'll also want a good deal in terms of compensation."

In time he wrote more: "I can ask some guys where on how to get to the person in charge... would probably have to get that one a good dinner and get laid to even get anywhere."

I remarked that it was ridiculous to have to go to such lengths for something as simple as a contact name. He agreed and reminded me of why he retired from that side of the business.

So it's out there if he does run into someone from Vista, but it's not sounding promising.

Good Luck.
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Viva, not Vista. But I hope he can come through! Thanks very much!
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