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Recommendations for things to do in NYC in October?

Mr. Stardust and I are planning a long weekend trip to New York City in late October. I want to make sure we have a great time there.

A few of the things I'm already thinking about doing: visiting the High Line, taking in a Moth event or perhaps a Dances of Vice event, going to The Strand for books. Mr. Stardust likes musicals, and he wants to see Wicked. I prefer Shakespeare. Will there be other events/places that have special appeal for geeky/gothy people we should look at?

We are also interested in kinky shopping or activities, so we may stop in at Purple Passion or other similar places. Recommendations along those lines are sought.

Also, if you are aware of restaurants that cater to a low-carb/paleo lifestyle, I'd love to hear recommendations. I know most places will let you get the food without the starchy sides, but if there are places known for quality meat (no shellfish, please) and veg, I'd like to hear more.
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I prefer Shakespeare.

You can often get great seats for straight plays for not very much (comparatively) money at TKTS and without waiting in line. I saw the Tony-nominated revival of Mary Stuart from the third row for about 50 bucks on a Sunday afternoon.

Book Culture is another excellent and often overlooked book store.
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Wicked is probably sold out already through October, unless you're willing to buy $350 seats.

Kinky shopping = Babeland
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NB: The Moth sells limited advance tickets to their events; most sales are at the door. Get there early to wait in line.

For very high quality meat, check out Takashi in the West Village. Sustainable, local Japanese BBQ.

For shopping, you may like Agent Provocateur.

These previous threads may help.

Note that Open House NY is Oct 15-16 this year, you may just miss it.

I really hope Sleep No More is extended into October!
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Kinky shopping = Babeland

Also, get off the ACE/BDFV at West 4th; there's a little sex shop oasis there, and unlike Babeland (I think) you can haggle.
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Response by poster: Good answers so far. I should have clarified our interests more, I guess. He likes science, techy-stuff, gadgets, wit, wordplay. I like books, crafting, clothes (goth/vintage, corsetry, boots), music (goth/industrial/electronic), macabre stuff, uncomfortable humor. We both like robots, scifi, leather, NPR, space, futuristic stuff. We're not interested in touristy stuff. Mainly, we want to experience things we can't get in Florida.

We both seriously love Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food, so anyplace that does good lamb is majorly appreciated. Mr. Stardust tells me he *must* return to Joe's Shanghai for soup dumplings. Meh, I don't care for boiled dough in any form.

I was also considering the Cross Bar at the former Limelight for gothitude. Other gothy or dark ambiance pubs/bars/restaurants I should know about?
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Check out Evolution in Soho. It's a fun store that will satisfy the scientist and the goth in you.
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The NY Hall of Science might be neat and you can also visit the Unisphere and 1964 World's Fair site. One stop further into Queens is Flushing Main St. Go to Nan Xiang for soup dumplings. They're steamed, BTW, and not boiled. They also have very delicate and thin skins (a place with thick skins is doing it wrong).

After visiting the Strand, check out the gadgets at the small but well-curated AC Gears. Then walk down St Marks Place and step into Trash & Vaudeville or whatever piercing/tattoo/etc place catches your eye. Obscura Antiques & Oddities is also nearby. Have a cocktail at Death & Co (very dark ambiance, fancy drinks, opens at 6pm). Then grab dinner at Pylos, an excellent Greek restaurant (make reservations to avoid waiting).

I'd also check out the reading room at the NYPL, and/or the map room. It's gorgeous. Touristy, kinda, but not something you'd find in Florida.

The Natural History Museum has a fantastic animal specimen collection. Don't miss the birds. Plus, Maxilla and Mandible is nearby. 
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