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Help me compile a near-definitive list of sexual fantasies, fetishes, behaviours, etc. I'm looking to expand my sexual horizons by creating a list of sensual activities to serve as a "menu" of sorts. I want to be able to peruse the list to see what piques my interest. Can you offer items from your own personal list? Or, perhaps you can point me to a book or website that features lists upon lists of things to try? Everything from the usual (blindfolding, handcuffing) to the obscure (blumpy-ing???) is cool.
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You need The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices.
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I would search for yes/no/maybe lists for a good starter list.

Basically, they're lists that you and your partner can complete separately and then look for overlap to find things that you are both interested in.

Here's an example of one. (NSFW, obvs.)
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Perhaps this chart may be of some assistance.
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I also really really love this book.
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FetLife (NSFW) has what you're looking for.
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Sexmap is graphically interesting and interactive.
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Seconding FetLife. Check their list of fetishes. It's constantly expanding.
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To get really weird, though, I recommend Urban Dictionary. But, uh, use common sense about safety on anything they say :D
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If you have a partner, you can go through Mojo Upgrade and maybe get some new ideas together.
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If you really want to take the time to discover the outer edges of the human sexual experience, "Psychopathia Sexualis" by Dr. Richard von Krafft-Ebing is your all-in-one shop.
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Nancy Friday's books would be an excellent resource.
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