A French movie with an affair. That should narrow it down.
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Looking for a movie I saw one. A French murder mystery musical?

I'm pretty sure it was in French subtitled in English. I saw it in theaters when I was in High School so . . . 2000-2004. There were people who were snowed into a house. These was this song with two sisters. Uhm . . . there was a maid I think. And something about an affair? Really not a lot to go on, I'm sorry, but I appreciate any help.
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Best answer: Ozon's 8 Women
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Best answer: Sounds like 8 Women.
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Response by poster: That was fast. Awesome, thank you!
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Jinx, lucia_is_dada!

I love that movie. Thanks for the reminder to watch it again.
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Oh yeah, this was a great movie. Also, all your clues on the movie were great -- there's nothing else it could have been! Although, if there were a movie genre about snowbound musical French murder mysteries -- what a world this would be.
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That is a terrific film. I showed it in a class on film musicals to a college class, and the students were just astonished.
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