Can I use Febreze on fiberglass chairs?
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Can I use an anti-odor spray such as Febreze on fiberglass chairs?

We just got two chairs in an estate sale, and they're slightly stinky. We will deep clean them eventually, but wanted to know if we can spray them for now to cover/remove the odor.
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Unless the fiberglass is in poor shape it probably isn't porous enough for the Febreze to hang around for long - or is there upholstery involved?
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Response by poster: No upholstery; just fiberglass. I might just give them a good wipe with something lemony smelling. Any other tips on cleaning fiberglass are more than welcome here...
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If it's all smooth surfaced you should be able to use bathroom cleanser of the bubbles that scrub type for the quickest clean, unless there's some sort of surface treatment (fancy painting, etc)
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I would start with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. In my experience, vinegar is better at removing musty odors, maybe because it kills the mildew outright. Febreze is a weapon of last resort, and I have found that musty odors tend to return.

Just wipe the chairs with a wrung-out sponge or cloth and let it air dry.

I checked first, and vinegar is said to be fine for fiberglass shower stalls, but you should probably test it on an inconspicuous spot first.
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Best answer: Try letting them sit out in the sun for a day or two.
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I Febreeze (yes, it's a verb!) almost everything. As mentioned above, it might not linger because it can't soak in, but it shouldn't actually cause damage.
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