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Help me plan a date in LA!

I'm taking a lovely lady out for a night on the town, this Friday. I'm relatively new to Los Angeles (and most of the time I've spent here I've been holed up in school), so I'm looking for suggestions for amazing/fun/quirky/romantic things to do on our date. Favorite restaurants? Date spots? Hidden Jazz clubs?

We're both getting pursuing MFAs right now, so anything weird and wacky could work -- although nothing too grungy (we love getting dirty, but I think she's more looking for an excuse to get dolled up and go out and about). Of course, since we're both grad students, cheap is a plus -- free is not required, though, as I don't mind spending a little bit of cash on the evening. Just no starred Michelin restaurants.

To give a ballpark idea: one thing I was considering was taking her to see the James Turrell installation in Pomona to watch the sunset there -- and after head to dinner at Owen's Bistro. We'll be coming from Silver Lake after work, though, and I'm a little worried about the traffic preventing us from getting to Pomona in time to actually see the sunset.

So, I'd love to hear your suggestions. Ladies, if an artsy animator boy were going to take you out for a night on the town, what would you like to do?
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fat fish on 6th/berendo (just W of vermont) has a sushi special after 5pm...all sushi $2...oh, and it goes around on a conveyer's very fun, low-pressure, the decor is casual/groovy and there's a pinkberry next door (the spicy tuna tartare off the regular menu is a must...also oysters in season...)
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The Griffin! (no cover fee, great atmosphere)
Dillon's! (Irish bar, cheap drinks, very trendy)
The Observatory in Griffith Park (gorgeous view at night, lots of nice places for smooching)
The Cicada Club (1930s Art Deco Club)

As proposed to me by my very own artsy animator boy. ;)
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Sunset at the Griffith is exceptionally awesome and romantic (great date with now husband!)

There is a telescope on top of the building. Make sure you are up there on the line to view whatever is observable (I believe at this time of year it is Jupiter or Saturn??) Watch the sunset over the Hollywood Hills (look for the green flash just as the sun sets...) Kiss.

I MeMailed you, so you know where to go after watching that incredible sunset...
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Plus, both the Griffith Observatory and hobby astronomers set up smaller telescopes on the lawn you can look through, ask questions - so much fun!

There is an exhibit on the second floor that shows Quarks passing through our atmosphere in observable real time... god, I love that! Could watch it for hours....
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East on the freeway on Friday at five is going to be very heavy traffic, so your instinct is correct. I'd go out to the Santa Monica Pier area and go to the Third Street Promenade for the block party banquet that happens every Friday there. You'll have a lot of things to choose from like street performance and eye popping sights.
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It sounds like you guys might like the Dresden Room on Vermont in Los Feliz, with or without checking out the show Marty and Elaine put on (from the Dresden's website: "Jazz musicians Marty and Elayne are the wellspring of the experience every Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 PM - 1:15 AM"). You could still catch the sunset from Griffith beforehand.
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Yup, I think the drive to Pomona will be too long.
How about....
Drinks at The Edison or the hidden bar at Cole's downtown called The Varnish.

Or after the Observatory I love the The Alcove for coffee and dessert.
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