I need a hotel or resort in Oregon or northern California with an ocean view
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So we're driving down the Oregon/California coast in September and we're looking for a hotel room with an unobstructed ocean view. Yes, this is a followup to last week's question.

Thanks to all the people who answered my previous question, we've hammered out most of an itinerary. However, I'm having trouble finding a good place to stay along the coast.

On Sunday we're camping at Cape Disappointment State Park, just over the Oregon border. We have until Wednesday to get to the Avenue of the Giants (Humboldt Redwoods State Park) in California, where we're also camping. I was thinking we'd spend Monday night in Yachats, OR and Tuesday night near Crescent City, CA. We are totally flexible on these locations; one of those nights we'll need to be camping. This works out to about 175 miles of driving on Sunday, 190 on Monday, and 150 on Tuesday. I don't want to upset this balance too much.

The problem is that I can't find a hotel anywhere in that stretch that I am 100% sure has ocean views. I don't mean "if you look across the parking lot through the trees and you squint hard." I mean you look out your window and BAM! there is the ocean in your FACE.

I did find this place, but it's got some mixed reviews on Trip Advisor and the owners did not return my phone call (wtf? I want to give you money!). I also found this place, but I cannot figure out what the actual view is. We got BURNED on our honeymoon by this resort north of San Francisco because the ocean was not visible from the room and you couldn't even walk to the overlook because it was overgrown. I am not paying $200-300 to see a bunch of grass when I wake up.

tl;dr - unobstructed ocean view, under $300, won't create any extra-long driving days between Cape Disappointment and Avenue of the Giants. Extra credit for modern decor.
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Yachats Inn. . .in Yachats, the nicest town on the Oregon Coast. Although it's sorta vintage.
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This is a lot further south than you were hoping for, but this place is amazing: http://www.treebonesresort.com/

I can't find any places in your geographic range. Good luck!
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I would stay away from the Adobe, in Yachats.
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Driftwood Shores in Florence has wonderful ocean views. Florence is a great town, too. If you're looking for a nice dinner, The Waterfront Depot is perfect.
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This place is literally perched on the side of the cliff. It's absolutely awesome. The house is a very upscale hippy house. The turret contains a bathtub with a great view.
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At the Yachats Inn you want to ask for the North Front or the South Front. Seriously.In general, the ground floor on the South has the best views.
And it's definitely Vintage
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Although #8 in the Yachats in is my favorite. It has a nice picture window, with a nice view of the ocean across a broad expanse of lawn.

But also, the Sylvia Beach hotel is nice, if you like literature-themed rooms.
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Danf - the Sylvia Beach looks awesome; I wish they had photos of their rooms.
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I've stayed at the Sylvia Beach hotel. It's interesting and fun, but it's a place to go more for the environment than the view (although I believe some rooms have direct ocean views). The highlight of my one night there was the evening dinner, where everyone sits together and talks. Normally I hate that kind of thing but the hotel attracts an educated, quirky crowd who like books and it was really pleasant. Sort of a natural match for Metafilter, actually. The rooms are fun. Nothing luxurious, but each is themed and decorated and they're quite well known for it.

A general tip for figuring out hotel views: look at the hotel address on Google Maps, the Satellite view. You can quickly work out whether it's really on the ocean or not. Then just call and ask; it's rare for a hotel to misrepresent itself.
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Check out Ireland's Rustic Lodges in Gold Beach, OR.
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Ocean Haven is another one. Quaint. . .it has a detached very primitive cabin right on the cliff, with few amenities. We stayed there once, in a storm. Pretty groovy.

For the most part, we just drive by all these places, since we live so close.
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We spent several nights at the SeaQuest Inn B&B in spring 2010 and loved it, despite the silly name. Our room (the Antigua), several of the other rooms, and the living/dining room where you have breakfast look right out over the ocean. There's also a huge wrap-around deck where you can hang out and watch the waves. The food was delicious, and I'd say the place is at least 50% less kitschy than a lot of fake-flower-laden B&Bs.

Definitely stop at The Waterfront Depot in Florence like jz mentioned -- the crab-encrusted halibut at dinner was the most amazing seafood I've ever eaten.
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We ended up staying at the Pacific Reef Resort. It was very nice, clean and modern. We couldn't see the ocean in the evening due to the fog, but the waves were visible in the morning. We didn't get a chance to walk on the beach but there were trails directly from the hotel. My only complaint was that the "free breakfast" was really lame.

There's also an excellent restaurant about a half mile north of the hotel - best steak I've had in my life, for serious.
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