How do I create a roadtrip map for my site?
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What's the easiest (and best-looking) way for me to show the progression of my roadtrip across the US, live, on my website?

I have an iPhone 4 and I'd like to use that. Google maps seems like it would be useful, but I'm curious if any websites or frameworks make this easy. Super bonus points if it's really beautiful. I'd really like the ability to embed it onto my own website too, pretty big (like 800px?).
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I used on a previous road trip so my worried family could keep tabs on me; it worked quite well for both parties. You'll need to keep your iPhone in constant view of the sky if you want to keep the map accurate to the minute, and this sort of thing is data and battery-intensive so keep it plugged in whenever possible.
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Spot Messenger.
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