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We have 8L of Growers cider left over from a wedding reception, but alas, we are not cider drinkers. Please help us make something drinkable out of it!

We have 8L total of Growers Cider left after our wedding reception.
* Raspberry (2L)
* Cranberry (2L)
* Peach (4L)

Both my husband and I are not cider drinkers, but want to make it disappear from our apartment. So far we have no takers on removing it for us, so we'd like to find some way to drink-it-up! Please give us suggestions to make this drinkable for us!

ps. Bonus points if you use gin. I have a weakness for gin ;)
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You could always freeze-distill it to make applejack!
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If all else fails you could surely rid yourself of it via Craigslist. Free or for sale I am guessing.

Sorry, no recipe ideas!
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Send it to me. I will make sure it's used only for the best of causes. Trust me.
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What about cider do you dislike? I imagine any of those could be quite tasty with gin & lime over ice, but probably not 8L worth. It would probably make a delicious beer bread.
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Cider ice lollies/popsicles? They're such strongly flavoured ciders they would probably taste better frozen.
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Send it to meeeeeee!

Or use it to braise or marinate pork.
Or fill a glass with it and then plop in a scoop of fruit sorbet for a summery float and think of it as dessert instead of a drink.
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There are some handy recipes out there for cider cocktails, so maybe one of those would suit.
Depending on what aspect of cider you dislike, it may take some trial and error to find a recipe that will help you. Is it too dry? Add something sweet, like a fruit liqueur. Too sharp/sour/vinegary? Consider a more diluting sweetness, like a sweet fresh apple or grape juice. Too sweet already? That's when you add dryer flavors like gin, brandy, bitters, super-dry champagne or wine, etc. You don't really like apples anyway? Consider, if you have to dilute it by half to make it enjoyable, that's 16L of beverage you're planning on consuming just to have not "wasted" this purchase.

Also, consider all sorts of non-drink recipes for cooking with cider, but don't get derailed by American recipes which tend to focus on fresh (non-alcoholic) cider and might taste odd with the hard version substituted.

In any case it'll take a while to use up 8 liters of the stuff. My expedient recommendation: Throw another party, serve cider, keep a bottle of wine in the back for yourselves. Or bring a bottle as a gift/contribution every time a friend throws a party. Or take it to work and set it on the counter with a sign that says "free memorabelia of groovesquirrel's wedding"
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Oooh... cider Popsicles! I doubt there's enough alcohol content in it to prevent it from freezing, that's a tasty summer idea.

@aimedwander: I think it's the sweetness I dislike more than anything, so perhaps I'll try adding a dryness to it. Thank you for the suggestion!

Other than that I imagine leaving it on a counter at work would make it disappear pretty quick ;)

Thank you everyone!
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Use it to make pork ribs or a tenderloin in your crock pot.
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