What' the longest the bases have been loaded in Major League Baseball?
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In Major League Baseball what is largest number of consecutive batters to reach base such that the bases have been continuously loaded?

In baseball, the bases are loaded when there is a runner on each base (first, second, and third). A batter can reach base via a hit, base on balls, intentional base on balls, being hit by a pitch, or by any other legal (in a MLB sense) means that I may have forgotten here. As measured by the number of batters to reach base, what is the longest time that the bases have been continuously loaded?

I hope I'm phrasing that question correctly so it makes sense. I've tried googling various search terms about "bases loaded" and I've checked Baseball-Reference.com, but I've struck out.
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Well it's at least twelve.
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Another possible avenue to explore is this list of most runs in an inning. The "problem," of course, is that when you have such a prodigious inning, you're unlikely to keep the bases loaded at all times because even your singles are likely to advance existing baserunners by two bases. Hoyland's answer is really good, because you probably want to mostly be looking at walks and HBPs.
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The information you're looking for can be teased out of the Play-by-Play event files at Retrosheet. I'd see if I could pull it, but I'm not near a PC to do it.
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Following up on this, in tonight's insane Yankees vs. A's game, the Yanks hit three grand slams, setting a new major league record. The NYT's writeup notes:
A six-run lead does not seem so formidable, however, when a team gets 17 at-bats with the bases loaded, as the Yankees did.
Obviously these were not consecutive, but it's food for thought.
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