Mac 3D app for low-poly retro game?
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Best Mac 3D app for a novice to make a simple low-polygon retro iPhone game?

I'm a designer proficient in Adobe Illustrator. 3D is a new field to me; I have some experience with Softimage, but that was in the 90s. Recently a new project has cropped up, a retro iphone game à la Spectre with simple low-poly assets. What's the best, easiest 3D app for that? I have Cinema 4D and Blender available, but they seem too complex. Would Sketchup be good?
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Best answer: Sketchup could work, but it might be a little too box-and-circles. Try it though!

But I think Wings3D is the one you're looking for!
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Best answer: I highly recommend Cheetah3D, a Mac-based modeling, rendering and animation program with a very easy learning curve and some serious modeling power. It's the most approachable tool on the Mac, few if any compromises. And they're selling it for $99, which is really reasonable, especially given what you can do with it.
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Best answer: I'll second Wings3D. It has a gentle learning curve and supports a ton of formats.
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